SG7310 Scanner System

Item No.: SG7310 Scanner System

SG7310 Scanners


  • Special Introduction Price: $699.00/set
  • Adopted the photoelectric sensors made in USA, and owned the proprietary intellectual property rights.
  • Differential photoelectric sensor for accurate detection of motor rotor position, good linearity, lower drift, high resolution and repeat positioning.
  • Accurate load design for 10 mm mirrors, high accuracy of motor assembly, reasonable structure, very small static friction coefficient and zero offset, all ensured the best dynamic characteristics for the whole system.
  • Drives with advanced detection ability of position and speed, greatly improved the dynamic response performance and scanning speed of the whole system.
  • Design of overload, over-current and reverse connect protection, makes the system running more reliable.
  • The whole system adopted the optimization design of electromagnetic compatibility, with high signal-to-noise ratio and strong anti-interference ability.
  • This scanner system solved the common problems of motor temperature drift, signal interference and zero drift, etc.

    Motors & Drive board technical parameters
  • Working Temperature:0 - 45°C
  • Linearity: 99.9%
  • Setting Time: <0.35ms
  • Scale Drift: <40PPM/°C
  • Zero Drift: <15µRad/°C
  • Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours: <0.5mRad
  • RMS Current: 2.0A
  • Peak Current: 15A (Max.)
  • Maximum Scan Angle: 15°
  • Storage Temperature: -10 to +60°C
  • Resolution: 12µrad
  • Repeatability : 8µlrad
  • Input Aperture: 10.0mm
  • Beam Displacement: 13.4mm
  • Motor Weight : 120g
  • Frequency: 1000Hz

    Servo Driver Board Specification
  • Input Voltage: 15VDC
  • Interface Signals Digital: XY2-100
  • Position Signal Input Resistance: 1K?1%
  • Position Signal Input Resistance: 1K?1%
  • Position Signal Input Scale Factor: 0.33V/°
  • Position Signal Output Scale Factor: 0.33V/°
  • Working Temperature 0-45°C
  • Dimension(LWH): 755028mm

    Scanner Motors drawing

    (All measurement are in millimeter)
    SG7310 Scanners Motor

    External Housing drawing

    (All measurement are in millimeter)
    SG7310 Scanners
    SG7310 Scanners

    Power supply Wiring Diagram

    Power supply

    The external wiring for DB25 Connection

    DB25 connection

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    The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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